weekly schedule

The degree seeking and certification seeking programs are intentionally designed to optimize your time at MLC. Thus, your schedule will largely be determined by the ministry track you choose. Most students and tracks follow a schedule similar to this.

student life

We want you to make great relationships with your classmates. Each trimester, there will be a team night that takes you out of your typical context to simply spend time with your fellow students doing something fun! We know that MLC can be challenging at times, and we want to allow you time to let loose and just enjoy each other. Examples of team nights include sports events, laser tag, amusement park days, game nights, etc.

4 hours
Practicum experience with your track
60 minutes
MLC Team Building
1.5 hours
Staff Chapel | Staff Meeting | Campus Meetings | Discipleship Hour
1 hour
Lunch Break
1 hour
Discipleship Hour
4 hours
Study Hall
4-8 hours
Practicum experience with your track
1.5 hours
Attend Sunday Service
1.5 hours
Dream Team Serving

*Students are required to meet a minimum of 20 hours per week of MLC hours

and events

We believe in giving you opportunities to learn from great leaders within Evangel, but also great leaders from outside of Evangel. These conferences and events are designed to allow you to hear from ministry and marketplace leaders in different contexts that will expand your knowledge and give you experiences unique to your normal day. They will also give you the ability to build relationships with your classmates and peers as each event is typically 2 - 3 days. All costs, take out excluding, for attending these conferences and events are included in MLC tuition costs.

Typical Yearly Events:
ND Network Ministers Enrichment
MLC Retreat
MLC Conference (decided by Site Director)


If you are in need of housing in the Bismarck area, we would love to give you recommendations of places to stay and help you find like-minded roommates. We also have members from Evangel who would love to house students of MLC.