We know that degrees from private universities can be financially out of reach for many students. We are proud to be able to partner with Southeastern University to allow you to get a degree from a private university at an affordable cost.

These tuition rates cover the cost of two semesters with an average of 15 credits. Tuition is charged per credit hour. Books and fees based upon your classes are additional costs not included in these numbers. The site fee covers the cost of the entire year of MLC.

Southeastern at evangel

Tuition costs include accredited classes in the degree seeking program.

Tuition Cost:


Site Fee:

*This is used to pay for Student Life Trips and SEU Conferences.


Technology Fee:

*The technology fee covers the cost of facilitating online classes. This is a flat rate per year.


Annual Total w/o Scholarships:


Legacy Makers

*Available to all SEU students upon application who maintain academic standards


(per fall and spring semester)

Annual Total with Scholarships:

Other Private University Average Costs

Annual Totals:

ranges $14,000 - $25,000

Certification Track

Tuition costs include the costs of materials and tests necessary to complete qualifications to be certified an Assemblies of God minister.

Berean First Level Cost:

Est. $1,000.00/level

Site Fee:

*This is used to pay for Student Life Trips and SEU Conferences.


Annual Cost estimated:


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