certification program

This program partners with Global University’s Berean School of the Bible. This program doesn’t lead to formal college credits, but it does prepare you for leadership roles in the church and provides you the requirements to be certified as a minister under the Assemblies of God.

The complete list of classes as well as Global University’s website can be found here:

Year 3 student

"Joining MLC has been a life changing experience. I’ve gained friends, I’ve learned about my faith, and I’ve gotten to gather real hands on ministry experience. The biggest impact MLC has had on my life would be showing me how different life can be when I fully surrender it to God."

mlc graduate

"Being in MLC helped me grow closer to Jesus and understand the call of God in my life. I fell in love with ministry while going through the program. Berean School of the Bible classes helped shape my theology and gave me depth into understanding more about scripture and the practical functions of ministry. I learned overarching biblical themes, more about the Gospels, and specific in-depth studies into topics like eschatology and pneumatology. I was able to become a certified, then licensed minister and I am grateful for the hands-on experience I received that has equipped me for doing the work I do now in the church."

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