Midwest Leadership College


Discover. Disciple. Discover.

MLC is a ministry of Evangel church in Bismarck, ND. MLC desires to help students chase their God-given purpose by providing an environment and the education that can catapult them into their next season of life. Through a variety of programs, MLC allows students to start or continue their educational journey while also earning hands-on experience in their chosen field through on-site practicums. We believe that education is most effective when coupled with learning experiences outside of the classroom so we are committed to providing that for students.

Champion Your Calling


Develop. Disciple. Discover.


Being a follower of Jesus in today’s culture is challenging. Our heart is to equip you with the tools necessary to excel in ministry and the marketplace while embracing biblical values and practices. We hope that when you graduate MLC, you stand out in excellence and are able to exhibit Christ in every context.


Jesus is what we are all about! We want you to experience the joy in following Jesus and learning His ways. Through our education tracks, practicing spiritual disciplines, and classroom theology teachings, we are confident that you will leave more in love with Jesus and have a deeper understanding of your faith.


Knowing who you are and who God made you to become is a profound realization for every follower of Jesus. We believe you are uniquely gifted and have specific, God-given talents that you can use to make an impact in your world. Through hands-on experience and intentional mentorship, we are committed to seeing you identify your calling and next step to fulfilling it.



One of the things God spoke to me early on in leading a church was to be future-minded by pursuing what’s ahead while honoring the past. The Midwest Leadership College is one of our most powerful avenues to accomplish that vision! We are so excited to offer a program where emerging leaders can not only be trained in God’s Word but can also be empowered to operate in their God-given gifts and talents while gaining valuable ministry experience. We are proud to serve as a training ground for these leaders and humbled to play a role in equipping and commissioning this next generation of leaders. We look ahead with excitement and confidence to how God will continue to use the Midwest Leadership College to raise up leaders in our communities. We truly believe that the best is yet to come!

Josh Jenaye Skjoldal
Josh & Jenaye Skjoldal

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